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Local Area Networks: The Spanning Tree Protocol and Virtual LANs
Consider the switched network shown in Fig. 1. What is the spanning tree that will be computed by 802.1d in this network assuming that all links have a unit cost ? Indicate the state of each port.
Fig. 1. A small network composed of Ethernet switches
Consider the switched network shown in Fig. 1. In this network, assume that the LAN between switches S3 and S12 fails. How should the switches update their port/address tables after the link failure ?
Consider the switched network shown in the figure below. Compute the Spanning Tree of this network.
Many enterprise networks are organized with a set of backbone devices interconnected by using a full mesh of links as shown in Fig.2. In this network, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using Ethernet switches and IP routers running OSPF ?
Fig. 2. A typical enterprise backbone network
In the network depicted in Fig. 3, the host `H0` performs a traceroute toward its peer `H1` (designated by its name) through a network composed of switches and routers. Explain precisely the frames, packets, and segments exchanged since the network was turned on. You may assign addresses if you need to.
Fig. 3. Host `H0` performs a traceroute towards its peer `H1` through a network composed of switches and routers
In the network represented in Fig. 4, can the host `H0` communicate with `H1` and vice-versa? Explain. Add whatever you need in the network to allow them to communicate.
Fig. 4. Can `H0` and `H1` communicate ?
Consider the network depicted in Fig. 5. Both of the hosts `H0` and `H1` have two interfaces: one connected to the switch `S0` and the other one to the switch `S1`. Will the link between `S0` and `S1` ever be used? If so, under which assumptions? Provide a comprehensive answer.
Fig. 5. Will the link between `S0` and `S1` ever be used?
Most commercial Ethernet switches are able to run the Spanning tree protocol independently on each VLAN. What are the benefits of using per-VLAN spanning trees ?
Testing the Spanning Tree with IPMininet
IPMininet_ can also be used to configure the Spanning Tree protocol on Linux hosts that act as Ethernet switches. Let us consider the simple Ethernet network shown in the figure below.
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