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Inter-domain routing
Consider the interdomain topology shown in the figure below.
In this network, what are the paths :
from `AS1` to `AS4`
from `AS4` to `AS2`
from `AS4` to `AS1`
Consider the interdomain topology shown in the figure below. Assuming, that `AS1` advertises prefix ``2001:db8:1::/48``, `AS2` prefix ``2001:db8:2::/48``, ... compute the routing tables of the different ASes.
Are all ASes capable of reaching all the other ASes in this simple Internet ?
In this internet, some ASes cannot reach all other ASes. Can you fix the problem by adding one shared-cost peering link or one customer-provider peering link ?
Consider the network below in which a stub domain, `AS456`, is connected to two providers `AS123` and `AS789`. `AS456` advertises its prefix to both its providers. On the other hand, `AS123` advertises ``2001:db8:dead::/48`` while `AS789` advertises ``2001:db8:beef::/48`` and ``2001:db8:dead:cafe::/63``. Via which provider will the packets destined to ``2001:db8:dead:cafe::1`` will be received by `AS456` ?
Should `AS123` change its configuration ?
Consider that the AS stub (`AS456`) shown in the figure below decides to advertise two ``/48`` prefixes instead of its allocated ``/47`` prefix.
Via which provider does `AS456` receive the packets destined to ``2001:db8:caff::bb`` and ``2001:db8:cafe::aa`` ?
How is the reachability of these addresses affected when link `R1`-`R3` fails ?
Propose a configuration on R1 that achieves the same objective as the one shown in the figure but also preserves the reachability of all IP addresses inside `AS456` if one of `AS456`'s interdomain links fails.
Consider the network shown below. In this network, the metric of each link is set to `1` except link `A-B` whose metric is set to `4` in both directions. In this network, there are two paths with the same cost between `D` and `C`. Old routers would randomly select one of these equal cost paths and install it in their forwarding table. Recent routers are able to use up to `N` equal cost paths towards the same destination.
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